About Me

I am a video game developer and enthusiast. I've been into games for as long as I can remember and ever since finding out that I could be one of the people making them, I devoted myself wholeheartedly to doing so!

I have a Bachelor of Games Development with a major in Games Design and have been working as a Software Developer since the beginning of 2020. I work in the XR training space and have developed applications within Unity for Desktop, VR and mobile (Android and iOS).

I've been using Unity for about 4 years now. My main interest lies in games programming however I love having a go at producing both 2D and 3D art too.

I also have a dev log that I have recently started with some friends where share work on the games we are making. You can check that out here!



  • C#
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • HTML
  • CSS

Engines / Frameworks / Libraries

  • Unity
  • ThreeJS
  • WebXR
  • Bootstrap4
  • JQuery
  • UniRx
  • Zenject
  • UniTask
  • DoTween
  • Photon

Software / Tools

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Aseprite
  • Ableton
  • Blender (Beginner)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Beginner)
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Google Suites
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio
  • Jet Brains Rider

Game Projects

Halcyon Station


A small spooky atmospheric walking simulator VR game where you are sent into an abandoned space craft and asked to find out what happened to the crew and retrieve ship data. The game is roughly a 10-20 minute contained experience made for a student project.

  • Lead Programmer.
  • Implemented SteamVR.
  • Set up event sequencing for the narrative elements.
  • Implemented multiple puzzles.
  • Implemented audiolog functionality.
  • Handled all audio implementation.
  • Implemented a room culling system (crucial for VR so players couldn't stick their heads through walls and progress without solving puzzles)
  • Produced some models and textures.



If you've ever wanted to dogfight with other birds in a park while pooping on as many living things as you can, this is the game for you!

  • Modelled, Textured, Rigged and Animated the birds
  • Produced all the UI Content and implemented functionality
  • Implemented the AI systems.
  • Set up the environment.
  • Implemented the sunflowers and the seeds.
  • Implemented the Achievment system.
  • Implemented the game loop.

Go Outside


'Go Outside' is a game about a guy who has social anxiety and his asked by his mum to complete a set of mundane tasks outside the house.

  • Modelled, Rigged, Animated, Textured the characters.
  • Modelled and textured houses and some street assets.
  • Implemented character movement systems.
  • Used XInput for gamepad input.
  • Wrote a sphere mask shader.
  • Designed the game.
  • Produced and implemented all of the UI.
  • Implemented the AI.
  • Created a field of vision shader for some AI enemies.
  • Implemented the task system.
  • Implemented the dialogue system and choice system.



A 2.5D Asteroids clone with three different playable modes - single player survival, local co-op (get highest combined score) and local vs (last man standing). Must be played with xBox One or xBox 360 controllers.

  • Produced and implemented all UI.
  • Produced and implemented all Audio.
  • Modelled and Textured one of the ships.



Void is a game developed by Ephemeral Games, it has Roguelike, Deckbuilder characteristics, developed for mobile. It features randomly generated collectable cards, build the best 7 card deck and try to beat the boss on each floor to win.

  • Produced and Implemented all of the UI and Card visuals.
  • Implemented the database for card storage using SQLite3.
  • Implemented the shop, deckbuilder, ads and audio.
  • Produced much of the audio.
  • Heavily assisted on the bug solving of combat and dungeon generation.

Robo Lane Smasher


A simple strategy game where you spend coins to deploy robots on a single lane against an enemy AI. You gain experience and coins from killing other robots and as such can upgrade to a higher tier of robots. Made with Unity for a university project. Definitely could use some more balancing.

  • Produced the UI content.
  • Implemented all gameplay functionality.

Space Dive


Wave based, simple top down shooter where you're tasked with defeating aliens to delve deeper into space.

  • Implemented all gampeplay functionality.
  • Produced and implemented all models, audio and ui elements.

Web Projects

Currently this portfolio page is my sole web project!


Christmas @ IBS (Beer Genesis Craftgelion)

A Christmas carol from the staff at the International Beer Shop. Also a blatant rip-off of the Neon Genesis Evangelion opening credits. Hope you enjoy!

  • Conceptualised the idea.
  • Wrote lyrics.
  • Recorded the vocals.
  • Mixed and mastered the track.

"Kriek Me" (ft. Lorenzo Valentine)

Our sexed-up ode to one of our favourite styles of beer, Belgian Sours!

"Kriek Me" (ft. Lorenzo Valentine)
International Boys Society
Sours man Records

  • Conceptualised the idea.
  • Wrote lyrics.
  • Produced and arranged the music.
  • Recorded the vocals.
  • Mixed and mastered the track.
  • Appeared as a cameo in the film clip.

Hip Priest Spicy Veg Trio

A song I wrote for our band at the time about our favourite Domino's pizza.

  • Wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the song.
  • Played the main role in the video.

Hip Priest

Christmas Day at McDonalds (Album)

This was our bands debut album. Recorded by a friend and mixed and mastered by myself.

  • Wrote most of the songs.
  • Performed drums and vocals on all songs.
  • Mixed and Mastered all the songs.

Hip Priest

Depression.jpg (Album)

Our second album. Recorded, mixed and mastered by myself.

  • Wrote most of the songs.
  • Performed drums and vocals on all songs.
  • Recorded, Mixed and Mastered all the songs.



Always looking to work on new projects, so please reach out!

You can contact me via email at laurence.val@gmail.com.
Or via social media on any of the platforms below!

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